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Our mission is to provide new property buyers with a complete, new property and off the plan listing database, combined with a simple and easy to use searching interface, allowing you to quickly find the types of properties that you are looking for. To save you more time we only list properties that are currently for sale and have a fixed buy price. Apply the search filter "developer incentives" to quickly find the latest discounts, bonuses and specials on offer.


Our founding directors have experience in real estate sales, property investment, foreign Investment and immigration. This combined with an honest and impartial approach allows us to provide new property buyers with a unique and comprehensive view of potential property investments. Being locals we have a broad knowledge of current and upcoming developments and can provide buyers with the benefits (or negatives) of any property or property location and supply a keen insight on state, region and suburb property growth rates and rental return statistics.

Mobile Agents

If you would like make an enquiry but don’t have time to make it into our office, no problem, one of our mobile agents can come and see you at your chosen location. Home, business or café meeting is common and all initial consultations are free of charge and no obligation.

Property Tours

If you would like to view a newly completed property or development site and would also like professional and independent advice on the project, let us know and we can organise to take you there along with all the project documentation and point out relevant property highlights and answer any questions you might have. We can pick you up from any where in greater Melbourne and take you to inspect specific properties that you have selected, or we can design a property tour for you based on your budget and required specifications.
  • If the property is not complete yet and you are contemplating buying off the plan, we can visit the development site and point out any local features and benefits as well as point out things that could be a disadvantage.
  • If the property is new and complete we can organise to get access and show you through the property highlighting things the perhaps you never thought to ask.
  • If the property is unbuilt but has a site display showroom we are happy to take you there and liaise with the showroom agent to make sure you get all the available information on the development.
  • Our goal is to assist you in finding the best property available to suit your budget by providing you with all the relevant property information, developer background, local area features and financial statistics that you might need to make an informed decision.

Community Involvement

At APG we are proud supporters of local charities and community Initiates. To support this idea, we have created a target of the equivalent of 5% of pre-tax profits going towards this annually.

Our chosen partner charities are:

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